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This is our cat Muggy, (we've always named our cats weather names, my favorite was P.C. Partly Coudy) she's vigorously rubbing her head on a catnip mouse I made. This was a trial test.
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 Plaid Catnip Mice!
Cloth toy mice stuffed full with my catnip - treat your cat! $5.00
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Plans For 2016

   This growing season I will be planting my lower 2 field beds which each measure 45 ft by 6 ft. This is a sunnier site where I have amended the soil with cover crops buckwheat (last spring) and oats (this past fall).  I plan to spend more time in the fields this summer growing and drying herbs. This spring I will be selling 4 inch potted herbs for starts.
   New herbs will include Anise Hyssop, Tricolor Sage, Silver Sagebrush White,Winter Savory, Lovage, Elcampane and 3 new mints: Peppermint, Varigated and Mojito. I am also excited to try my hand at Lemon Grass and Papalo, a cilantro alternative.
   Hopefully, by late summer I will have plenty of dried herbs to make culinary herb seasonings, culinary salts and teas. 

Click here to see the 2016 list of herbs available for sale. Contact me for an appointment.
Buck Mountain Herbs is an organic herb farm in Cornwall Connecticut growing 48 varieties of culinary herbs sold as potted herb starts, container arrangements, fresh cut bunches,   culinary salts, dried herb seasonings and teas.
Tussie Mussie
A Victorian tradition to send a bouquet of herbs and flowers each with a significant meaning or message
Pat Bramley, Owner, holds a B.S. Degree from UCONN in Environmental Horticulture and applies  organic, sustainable Agricultural practices to the land
What's Happening 11.22.16

I have new products and a new look!
Come see and smell my Holiday herbal offerings at:

  The UCC Holiday Fair in Cornwall Dec. 3rd Sat. 9:30 - 3:00

Above Left: Wheel barrow of herbs getting ready for farm market.
 Above Right: Lower field bed of Sage, Winter Savory...
Left: Annual Truck Sale we hold early May in Cornwall Bridge.