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PO Box 2
Cornwall Bridge CT 06754
Phone 860.671.1545

Click here to see the 2019 list of herbs available for sale. Contact me for an appointment.
Organic Herb Farm & Nursery
 in Cornwall Connecticut
growing 75+ Herb varieties  of culinary, medicinal and native pollinator herbs.
We Sell
Potted Herb Plants in 4 inch to 12 inch pots 
 Container Arrangements, Fresh Cut Bunches, and Herbal Wreaths and Flower Nosegays.
At area Farm Markets & Plant Sales
Retail & Wholesale by email or appointment 
Small Groups Welcome by appointment.

Tussie Mussie
A Victorian tradition to send a bouquet of herbs and flowers each with a significant meaning or message
​Why Buy Organic Produce?

1. Avoid chemicals
2. Benefit from more nutrients
3. Enjoy better taste
4. Avoid GMO
5. Avoid hormones, antibiotics and drugs      in animal products
6. Preserve our ecosystems
7. Reduce pollution and protect water          and soil
8. Preserve agricultural diversity
9. Support farming directly
10. Keep our children and future safe

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2019 Plans at
 Buck Mountain Herbs

This year we will be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor from 2018. Utilizing new 24 inch high raised beds and a new shade house built from Duke Bezozzi's local white oak, will make production easier. 

We plan to to have a few private plant sales on the farm in April and May for area gardeners looking for organic herb plants. Email me if interested in details.

We offer discounts for re-sale or quantity purchases. Credit Cards Accepted.

This spring - come to the farm market to find my pots of Cutting Celery, also called Smalage; Upland Cress and Arugala to plant in your containers of garden.

Mother's Day will have Edible flowering herbs in pots for sale.

2019 I will be expanding our field crops to use to make Fall Herbal Wreaths - including Amaranthus, Spring Wheat, Sea Holly, Hopi Red Dye and Strawflowers.